Our Mission:

SUTUREGARD™ Medical seeks to improve the care of patients with wound defects after excision or tissue loss. It is more complex and challenging to close wounds when there is a tissue deficit. Innovative SUTUREGARD™ technology can help to “bridge the gap” and achieve wound closure. Typically, such wounds would have to heal on their own or be closed by more elaborate flap transfers or tissue grafts. SUTUREGARD™ devices are easy to use, cost effective and broaden the clinicians’ scope of practice by enabling simple closure of difficult wounds.

Our Story:

Bill Lear, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist and Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon, and Jen Akeroyd, PhD, RN are the husband/wife, doctor/nurse team who developed SUTUREGARD™. Bill saw a need for better wound closure after observing the sometimes traumatic effects of normal suture technique on more difficult excisional wounds. When suture closes wounds under tension, it can cut through even normal healthy skin (“cheese-wiring”). This can lead to wound separation (dehiscence), which can be devastating and costly for the patient. Bill and Jen created SUTUREGARD™ to overcome this problem. SUTUREGARD™ is the product of 2 years of bench design, prototyping, hi tech bioengineering analysis and animal model testing. We are proud to report that clinical use of the device has begun and SUTUREGARD™ is performing even better than expected! In addition, Bill and Jen are thrilled to announce that Dan Ladizinsky, MD has joined SUTUREGARD™ Medical as CEO.