JULVIA ™ Technologies Inc is developing innovative wound closure and management devices for cutaneous skin repair. In the US, approximately 50 million surgeries are performed each year with the majority requiring wound closure. Sutures and staples are the most commonly used devices for such repair. Our devices revolutionize the staple and add greater functionality to the suture.

Our patent pending devices can support a wound for a much longer period than traditional nonabsorbable sutures and staples, thus allowing more healing prior to their removal. Our research has also demonstrated that deep, dermal sutures are unnecessary and may be leading to poorer healing wounds. When wounds are closed with our devices, less suture material is used: no deep dermal sutures are required and less density of cutaneous sutures is needed. We believe this will lead to less wound edge necrosis and fewer wound dehiscences. Our devices are well tolerated, easy to use for even the most novice provider and can be retained on the wound for 6 weeks. 

JULVIA ™ Technologies Inc was co-founded by William Lear, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist and Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon, and Jen Akeroyd, PhD, RN.