Patented and Class I, 510 (k) exempt, our SUTUREGARD™ wound closure devices secure sutures using common equipment, require minimal skill, and allow surgeons to close high tension wounds without the need for flaps or grafts.

The SUTUREGARD™ is a new solution to an old problem: General surgeons recognized the problem of high tension wound closures years ago so developed the “retention bridge”, a barrier placed between the suture and the skin surface to reduce suture trauma. However, these bridges are stiff and unyielding and can cause skin pressure injury as tissue swells against their flat undersurface and hard edges. The SUTUREGARD™ device is an elegant redesign of the classic retention bridge. The use of flexible cushioned biomaterials engineered in an arched configuration allows space for tissue swelling and achieves an optimal reduction in pressure against the skin surface.


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